Common Sense (Thom Paine's Post Modern Sexistential Breakdown Blues)

by rpllnt



That's how it's done you'll hear them say
'cause if they never thought it wrong they think it right
When we assess we find
that time makes more converts than reason or might

Well I read my pamphlets and I doth protest
What I ain't seen lately is much common sense

Dear Mr. Paine what would you say
about the state of our republic?
We are regressed, still
crowning crone-y kings, to our regret

We need a new age of reason that we may possess
The light of knowledge to inform our common sense

Have we lost our way?
Somehow it's all got change
It shouldn't be so hard to set up a fair game
That's all we're saying
Everything shouldn't be so damn hard


released November 8, 2016
rpllnt is aaron, sean, john and heather



all rights reserved


rpllnt Brooklyn, New York

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